Tech Services

After the sale and install of the Arctic Gator™ closed chiller loop system there is a contractors relationship with the client to assure the cost savings continues though-out the lifetime of the product. 

The client already has the needed parts on the roof/job

Remember the air units that were disconnected?  That’s right, these are where you can use these parts if needed to supply the units that are still running in the system.  This saves time for the service call, which is mostly labor hours for the contractor tech and is great for the expense to the client…since they get to use units that have already been paid for.

...for an example of the above

PROBLEM: Client calls saying cooling isn’t what it use to be so you check the E-gauge software and they are correct.

SERVICE:  Tech goes to job and sees the compressor is not working properly.  They go to a disconnected unit and take the compressor out of it and replaces the bad one with it and bills the client with the labor and travel only – $600 vs $3000.

SOLUTION VS OLD:  The tech doesn’t have to get parts nearby, if any are available anyway and doesn’t have to waste time or the clients time and their money.