Examples of Savings with Arctic Gator™

Arctic Gator™ is focused on offering environmentally friendlier solutions to HVAC energy consumption concerns. Below, a few examples are listed to highlight the savings on not only the product itself compared to Air-to-Air systems, but also the drastically reduced monthly electrical cost. 

Example: Church

A church contacted Demandside Energy Solutions, in need of some help regarding their HVAC situation. It was estimated that with a traditional Air-to-Air system, the Church was looking at a cost of roughly $50,000; however, with installing Arctic Gator™ the cost came out to only $18,500. This gave them a savings of $31,500 on the cost of materials alone. 

Since Arctic Gator™ allows the existing systems to function more effectively and efficiently, the Church also saw a monthly electric bill savings of 37.5%. These two factors together allowed the Church to reach their ROI within 1 year, 4 years sooner than our estimated five-year ROI.

Example: Restaurant 

A restaurant contacted Demandside Energy Solutions for an estimate to upgrade and repair their existing HVAC system. The restaurant was looking at a cost of about $50,000 for their needs with an Air-to-Air system. Arctic Gator™ was capable of doing everything they needed with a price of $17,000. This gave the restaurant a savings margin of $33,000 on costs of materials alone. 

After the install of Arctic Gator™ the restaurant noticed immediate improvement in functionality, as well as a later reported an average monthly electric bill savings of 37.5%. These two factors together allowed the Restaurant to reach their ROI within 4.5 years, six months sooner than our estimated five-year ROI. 

Example: Humane Society

A Human Society was struggling to get their Air-to-Air systems they had in place to work to the capacity they required. They had a 45-ton system and were estimating a cost of around $110,000 to get to where they needed. Arctic Gator™ was able to give them all they needed with a price of roughly $37,100; this gave them a savings margin of $72,900 for just the systems. 

The installation of Arctic Gator™ was able to make their existing units run more effectively and efficiently leading to an average monthly electric bill savings of 40%. Their bill used to run around $6,000 for peak months, whereas with Arctic Gator™ their bills were down to $3,500 in peak months. The savings in costs and monthly bills allowed the Humane Society reach their ROI within 1 year and 5 months, 3 years and 7 months sooner than our estimated five-year ROI. 

*Pre and Post Arctic Gator™ installation KWD and KW usage based on the Humane Society’s monthly energy bills. 

Example: Private Business

In November of 2021 a Private Business reached out to Demandside Energy Solutions because they needed roughly $60,000 worth of work and parts for a traditional Air-to-Air system, in order for their building to maintain the temperatures they needed. Arctic Gator™ allowed us to give them an estimate of $34,000 for their needs. Arctic Gator™ saved them $26,000 in the cost of products. 

After Arctic Gator™ was installed, the Private Business experienced an average monthly energy use savings during run time of 75%; this drastically reduced their monthly electric bill. When the product costs and monthly savings taken into consideration, the Private Business is on track to reach their ROI within the estimated 5-year time frame. 

Example: Lowes Hypothetical

One of the examples we like to use at Demandside Energy Solutions in an effort to really highlight the savings potential that Arctic Gator™ offers is the Lowes store. In 2012, FPL did a study showing that the average monthly cost for HVAC electrical usage of Lowes was around $50,000. This makes their yearly cost for electric come out to $600,000.

Taking into account all of the current units on premises at Lowes, it is estimated that Arctic Gator™ install would cost roughly $250,000 compared to the average cost of replacing the 200-tons worth of Air-to-Air units they currently have. This means to cover the ROI the store would need to reach $250,000 in savings within five years. 

If the Arctic Gator™ were to be installed, it is estimated that it could provide a monthly bill savings 35% average. This translates to a monthly electric bill savings of $17,500 from the original $50,000. The monthly savings taken for a year (12 months) comes out to $210,000 in electric bill savings alone. This means that the decreased electric bill could allow the store to almost meet their ROI of $250,000 in just ONE year; not to mention all of the savings associated with decreased product costs. 

In that same 2012 study, it was shown that there were 2,900 Lowes stores in the U.S. Taking the $210,000 yearly savings of one store’s electric costs and implementing that to the other 2,899 stores; Arctic Gator™ could save Lowes stores an average of $609,000,000 annually in electric costs. 

*This estimate is based solely off of one location of Lowes to include its square footage and current tonnage.