History and the Lessons

James Bellamy, Sr., Engineer/Inventor

Here at Demandside Energy Solutions Inc., we have been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years and have seen the changes that have occurred in that time.  James Bellamy, Sr. knew to put the effort into improving the HVAC industry.

This is the reason for the innovation that led to the Arctic Gator™ System and to change the heart of the issue rather than technology changes surrounding the issue.  Lets review the history of HVAC through our eyes.

Year 2000's

After many years working in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, James E. Bellamy Jr, had a question that needed an answer.

With much prayer and God’s divine revelation, and many trial and errors, the Arctic Gator™ was Born.

Jim was always curious about a cooling system that could save on energy cost and still keep a comfort level.

His first version was tried and tested in 2001 at the Rabbit and Rodent Farm he maintained for a client.  Because the ammonia from the critters was so abundant it was constantly eating away at the coils on the regular A/C units. He and his father were called in to help. Other A/C companies could not keep the systems at the correct temperatures or maintained the coils from disintegrating over time.

The research began and because of the vast experience the two men had in Industrial Refrigeration, they approached the problem from that starting point. They redesigned an Industrial Refrigeration System to suit the need of a HVAC system on a custom scale. That was a huge innovating success that has never been done before.

This got Jim’s brain motivated and challenged his thinking and many years later after a lot of research and prototypes had come and gone, Jim had a working small scale system that he was pleased with.

In 2007, Jim and his father (James E. Bellamy, Sr.) were the service contractors called upon by a local church that had a 50 ton chiller water system in need of repair and upgrade.  Jim saw an opportunity to bring his new Industrial Refrigeration product completing the new small commercial chiller system, hybrid. Thus resulting in better efficiency and lower (kwd) demand on the electric power bill. This truly helped out the church on both energy cost and comfort.

With that success, another local church called on the duo to assist with their 30 ton hybrid chiller water system in 2008. Thus resulting in upgrading the 30 ton chiller system that was used for A/C into a Modified Small Hybrid Industrial Refrigeration System.  With winter approaching the team was called on to bring an efficient heat source to the system that had never really warmed its church building. They installed a gas water heater into the loop of the hybrid chilled water system. Producing a never before comfortable climate for the congregation. In 2009 the chairman of the board called again requesting to correct the lack of cooling and heating in the remaining buildings (15,000 sq.ft.) on the church compound. So they put the whole church facilities, 30,000 sq.ft. on a 30 ton their new hybrid chiller system. The outcome was a 45% decrease monthly on the church buildings power bill.

Seeing this revolutionary technology producing such results, Jim decided it was time to patent his new method of heating and cooling, so he began the process.

Year 2010's

In 2010, a client with a 28,000 sq.ft. building called on Jim for help. This facility owner needed to replace 3-10 ton units to keep her tenants cool. She was quoted $30,000 for the replacement of the 3 units. Jim was able to sell her on his new product and save her ½ the cost of replacing all units and additionally was able to save her 35% saving on her power bill monthly.

2011 brought another church needing help. They were told they had to replace 42 ½ ton of HVAC. Jim came in and surveyed the situation and he deemed he could use 22 ½ tons of existing HVAC to heat and cool their 13,025 sq.ft. with his new patented product. They saved 60% on the cost of new equipment and 37.5% monthly on their power bill.

The City Building Department stated that Jim had to have Engineered Drawings to install the job at the 2011 church.  Jim, Sr. prayed and flipped thru the phone book and settled on the current PE engineer to talk things over with. Rafael Giro, was immediately intrigued and that day and became part of the Arctic Gator™ team and also a key part owner of Demandside Energy Solutions, Inc.

2012 a local restaurant called on Jim to see if he could help solve a heat problem. The restaurant had (4) -500 degree pizza ovens.  No A/C companies quotes were reasonable, so Jim inspected the situation and decided his patented product would be a perfect resolution. The Kitchen with the 4 pizza ovens was never cool and the exhaust hood could not keep the heat out.  Neither were the 2 dining areas cool enough for the clientele. Not only did he save the business 85% cost on a HVAC system he was able to install his hybrid product and instantly the kitchen became cooler to a constant 74 degrees. The clientele were now bringing in sweaters, while the monthly power bill dropped by 15%.

In 2015 a business associate whose wife owned a retail clothing business called on Jim to inspect and suggest how to keep their store cool with little increase to their monthly bill and cost of maintenance. At this 5000 sq.ft. strip mall location, Jim took the 20 tons of A/C and he redesigned the system with his hybrid method to only use 8.4 tons to heat and cool.  At a savings of 90% of replacement cost and with a monthly power bill savings of 30%.

2016 brought a new challenge, at a humane society building venue. Our Engineer, Rafael Giro, called Jim to come and inspect and suggest an alternative for this boxy 16,900 sq.ft. facility.  Keeping in mind the comfort was not only for humans, but animals as well. The facility had 50 tons of A/C equipment on the roof. With Jim’s redesign they are now using 20 tons of the 50 tons, with a cost savings of 90% and a monthly savings of 40% off the power bill.  Animals and the Caregivers are now in their comfort zone.

From that point on we have continued to expand, create and develop with the ever changing energy needs of not only for the clients, but also for the carbon foot print and sustainable environmental solution

Year 2020's

Arctic Gator™ Hybrid Chiller System is introduced to the HVAC modern technology arsenal.

Arctic Gator™ Hybrid Chiller System is a proven patented system that is offered to the Contractor through Demandside Energy Solutions, Inc. company.  We stand by our products to assist and support all phases of an install of the Arctic Gator™ Hybrid Chilled Loop System.

We are offering the same savings for contractors to benefit with their clients and with the same results as we have had throughout the years.

Thank you in advance for looking at our innovations and if intrigued please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are OPEN for business with you!

HVAC Modern Technology Advances

HVAC technologies have helped with advances in:

Wireless devices and software for communications of systems. GOOD.

Attached devices to systems for clean air flowing through, IAQ. GOOD.

Automation with future in mind with controllers. GOOD.

With all of the above advances, the BEST is changing the core system from Air-to-Air system to the HYBRID CHILLER LOOP system with the Arctic Gator™ as the core.

We bring what the Big Boy’s Chiller Systems do for the large Commercial buildings to the rest of the HVAC/R community…Efficiency and Environmental standards and at affordable pricing.