Demandside Energy Solutions, Inc: Your Solution to Commercial HVAC/R

Introducing Arctic GatorTM:
The patented breakthrough HVAC/R system that is revolutionizing the HVAC/R and energy world.

What is Arctic GatorTM?

Arctic GatorTM converts mid-size commercial air-to-air systems into hyper-efficient hydronic systems through New Installs and Retrofits. It uniquely marries HVAC/R and industrial refrigeration technologies to achieve unprecedented performance and cost savings.
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Making HVAC/R safer and more environmentally friendly

The revolutionary Arctic GatorTM hydronic conversion system dramatically reduces the use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) refrigerants and eliminates the presence of CFCs from occupied spaces.

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Why wait for the future…the future is NOW!

Unlike big box unit companies, we customize each Arctic GatorTM to your building’s specific needs through energy saving inspections, recommendations and consultations to get the most energy savings possible. Visit our Total Solution page to see more.

We also offer financing options.


We invite building owners, renewable energy companies, contractors, architects and engineers to contact us so we can discuss how Arctic GatorTM can help meet your goals.

Mechanical Contractor License #: CMC008954

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