CBKIT is NOT a Patented "Arctic Gator™"

  • The all new patented Arctic Gator™ is an affordable hybrid chiller and heating loop designed for facilities with two or more Air-to-Air HVAC systems. 
  • It took many calculations to produce the correct design in order to take out humidty first then provide the desired temperature, bring down the kilowatt demand from the power companies, and in turn lowering the original run-load amps which also lowers the kilowatts. 
  • We are the original blueprint for the system and method of operation. Arctic Gator has been in circulation since early 2001.
  • Arctic Gator™ offers industrial chiller efficiencies in a first-ever central HVAC solution that out-preforms PEAK ZONE units, matching equipment to the real-time load for immediate energy savings and surprising ROI. 
  • This patented design integrates a unique heat exchanger loop with existing HVAC coils for optimum humidity control, cooling, heating, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  • It has come to our attention that, there are some other companies who are manufacturing and selling our product under a different name. As the original owners and creators of the design and method of operation, we would like anyone that has previously purchased a chiller builder kit / CBKit, to reach out to us. We want to make sure you are getting the full potential out of the system you purchased and provide additional information regarding its functionality that no one else can offer.

Arctic Gator Solutions

  • Arctic Gator™ Systems are an innovative solution to rising energy consumption issues. At Demandside Energy Solutions we are the only company licensed to utilize Arctic Gator™ Systems. We value the honesty and loyalty required to maintain customer relations. This means we guarantee our service to you while taking your benefit into our utmost concern.
  • Cooling with Arctic Gator™ reduces the tonnage needed to effectively cool a space by prioritizing the removal of humidity within. Cutting down on the humidity within a space creates an environment optimal for energy efficient cooling and getting more out of your BTU’s thus saving on energy costs. 
  • Heating with Arctic Gator™ has the capabilities to operating with Thermal Solar systems, which helps to eliminate the need for heat strips, heat pumps, and hot water heaters while providing more energy efficient heating. 
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with Arctic Gator™ has been proven to eliminate the presence of Freon in the inside occupied spaces, once installed. 

Savings with Arctic Gator Systems

  • Installation of an Arctic Gator™ System allows more room for profits while saving the client money too! 
  • Disconnecting Air Units saves the carbon footprint that every manufacturer is trying to accomplish while using already available parts.  
  • Peak Demand ends up being 50% fewer Tons and 50% less Amps monthly
  • KWD and KWH are up to over 50% less with the system. 
  • The costs savings is two-fold for the installer and the client. The installer has less cost with the product cost itself and the install is working with less time on the job (cost per hour). The client will benefit with less cost of the overall job and also with the reduced monthly power bills returning their ROI higher than any other option within the HVAC industry. 
  •  Arctic Gator™ allows even more additional savings by having lower maintenance requirement frequencies. With less frequent maintenance visits required, the costs of repetitive maintenance is avoided by the client, saving them money regularly. 

Arctic Gator Supply Chain Remedies

  • Arctic Gator™ parts are from normal supply chains therefore they aren’t subject to the same delays of today’s industrial supply chain. This means Demandside Energy Solutions will have no problems getting the parts you need.
  • Arctic Gator™ also allows the service technicians to utilize parts from previously disconnected units that are still on premises to complete any emergency outage issues reported by our E-gauge live-monitoring. 
  • These factors together equate to less down time for the clients and gets your tech off the job in record time, to get to more jobs for a better management of their time.  
  • With the disconnected unit(s) still on the premises a service call becomes predominately a labor hours service call. This saves time and money by reutilizing existing parts and eliminating the need for waiting on parts to be ordered.