Let's review the What, Why and How

#1 The What is the Arctic Gator™ Product

The all-new patented Arctic Gator™ is an affordable hybrid chiller loop designed for facilities with two or more Air-to-Air HVAC systems.

Arctic Gator™ offers industrial chiller efficiencies in a first-ever central HVAC solution that outperforms PEAK ZONE units, matching equipment to the real-time load for immediate energy savings and surprising ROI.

This patented design integrates a unique heat exchanger loop with existing HVAC coils for optimum humidity control, temperature, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

#2 The Why is the Savings, Cost & Environment

The Savings is two fold, for the installer and the client.  The installer has less cost with the product cost itself and the install is working with less time on the job (cost per hour).

The client will benefit with less cost of the overall job and also with the reduced monthly power bills returning their ROI higher than any other option within the HVAC industry.

#3 The How is through our Support and Training

We have the tools already for an easy installation procedures that we do ourselves with proven examples in the real world. Plus every install has the E-Gauge device for the e-gauge live constant readings that allows a birds-eye viewing of the Arctic Gator™ running. Below is the actual readings from an install in Florida.

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We also will show how the installer and client savings does not stop with the sale and install of the Arctic Gator™, but is just the start of a prosperous relationship with the service after the sale.

Comparing HVAC Retrofit Systems

Air-to-Air vs Arctic Gator™

Air-to-Air = Independent Zones

Arctic Gator™ = Central Chiller Loop

Peak Loads

Air-to-Air = 200-500 sq.ft./ton

Arctic Gator™ = 500-1000 sq.ft./ton

Avg System Cost per Ton

Air-to-Air = @$1500

Arctic Gator™ = @$750

Tons / Compressors

Air-to-Air = Higher KWD/KWH

Arctic Gator™ = 50% fewer Tons

Refrigerant Pressures

Air-to-Air = High = more Amps

Arctic Gator™ = Low = 50% less Amps

Refrigerant Volumes

Air-to-Air = 3-4 lbs./ton

Arctic Gator™ = < 1 lbs./ton

Air Handler Coil Temp

Air-to-Air = Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold

Arctic Gator™ = Constant