Nicholas Johns (Niko) – Owner of Niko’s Pizza
“We’ve had the system operating for 3 years. There was a lot of hit and miss back then. We discovered many things, but right off we were saving electricity.” The restaurant has also used Arctic GatorTM to increase heat efficiency. “We didn’t have heat until Jimmy came along and this isn’t costing me any more. Trying to keep customers and the staff comfortable in a restaurant can be a difficult process as the seasons change but our kitchen is much cooler now. It’s just been getting better and better”

Christina Keel – Owner of Once Upon A Child
“When we were faced with having 3 HVAC/R units all needing service or replacement, we turned to Demandside Energy Solutions Inc and found the Arctic GatorTM to be our most cost-effective solution.”

Pastor Don Hanna – Pastor at St. James United Methodist Church
“There is now 32 tons of compressors that are no longer in service, no longer impacting the environment. It’s wonderful for the church to enjoy the savings, but there are all those kilowatts that aren’t being used and all that freon that’s not being put into play. We were able to lower our electric bill considerably. The hot water-to heat has been a real benefit. It’s a much more comfortable heat. It doesn’t dry out your skin; it doesn’t spin up the meter. And it’s been a huge savings.”

Margot DeConna – Director of Development at Alachua County Humane Society submitted this letter of recommendation after we completed the ACHS
Alachua County Humane Society Testimony

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