Once Upon a Child

The Challenge

Once Upon a Child in Jacksonville, FL, operating in a 5,000 sq ft building, buys and sells gently used children’s clothing, toys, furniture and more! When they were faced with having their 3 HVAC units needing service or replacement, they turned to Demandside Energy Solutions Inc and found the Arctic Gator to be their most cost effective solution.

The Solution

The team at Demandside Energy Solutions Inc installed the Arctic Gator unit dropping their 20 ton load to 10 tons. The team was also able to drop the heat strip load down.

The Results

Thanks to Demandside Energy Solutions Inc and Arctic Gator, Once Upon a Child is now able to efficiently cool and heat their building to comfortable temperatures for employees and customers year-round while also seeing a decrease in their energy consumption which reflects in their monthly electric bill.


  • Brought KWD rate from 28KWD to 19KWD resulting in a 28% drop
  • Demand rate is now below FPL’s demand rate of 21
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