G & G Rabbit Farm

The Challenge

Every 6 months G&G Rabbit Farm replaced the two 5-ton units that were used to condition their mice breeding space. G&G Rabbit Farm started seeking alternatives and was referred to Demandside Energy Solutions Inc. by 2 local HVAC companies.

The Solution

A single Arctic Gator system was installed.

The Results

The mice at G&G Rabbit Farm were maintained at a temperature of 74° year-round. The farm also experienced a decrease in their monthly electric bill of 30%. G&G Rabbit Farm operated the Arctic Gator system for 10 years without fail until being taken off-line when the company was closed.


  • The conditioned space was maintained at a cool 74° year-round. The building averaged 80° prior to the installation.
  • Return on investment was 4 years
  • This was the first installation of the Arctic Gator!
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