Faith Baptist Church

The Challenge

Faith Baptist Church was originally using 42 ½ ton heat pump split systems, all of which were in need of upgrading. Neutral wires not installed properly. Ductwork needed upgrading.

The Solution

Faith Baptist Church turned to Demandside Energy Solutions when they realized their old system needed upgrading. Demandside Energy Solutions installed the Arctic Gator system to the church. After installation of the Arctic Gator we experienced electrical issues. After partnering with FPL (Florida Power and Light) the electrical issues were diagnosed as neutral wires not being originally installed properly. Demandside Energy Solutions then upgraded any duct work that needed upgrading.

The Results

The Arctic Gator installation on Faith Baptist Church resulted in a drop from 42 ½ tons to 22 ½ tons. All electrical issues were diagnosed and repaired. All aged duct work was upgraded.


  • The original 42 ½ ton system was transformed to 22 ½ tons
  • The church’s monthly electric bills have been reduced by 37 ½ percent
  • The Arctic Gator retrofit and upgrades cost less than half the estimated replacement cost of a typical air-to-air system
  • Return on investment was 1 year
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