The Challenge

The 28,000 sq. ft. building that DCF occupied was maintained by 6 10-ton rooftop units. 3 of the units needed to be repaired and were at the end of their useful life. Proposals from other HVAC/R companies for the replacement of the 3 units were not affordable, all at approximately $30,000. DCF turned to Demandside Energy Solutions Inc. for a more cost-effective options.

The Solution

Demandside Energy Solutions Inc. integrated the Arctic Gator with 3 of the units that were in good working condition. The compressors on the remaining 3 units were tied in for redundancy.

The Results

Total KWD on DCF’s electric bill dropped 40% resulting in significant savings in their utility expense.


  • Compressor tonnage was dropped by half; from 60 tons to merely 30 tons.
  • Replacement of all 3 units would have costed DCF approximately $30,000. The Arctic Gator retrofit costed them $19,500.
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