Case Studies

St. James United Methodist Church

The 32,000 square-foot church couldn’t keep the fellowship hall cool enough for consistent use.

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Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church was facing an upgrade of 42 ½ tons worth of HVAC units. Replacing this the traditional way would have resulted in a high replacement bill with no change in energy efficiency.

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Once Upon A Child

Needing to do work on 3 HVAC systems at one time can be quite overwhelming when it comes to prices.

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Alachua County Humane Society

An under-performing HVAC system frequently shut down, failed to provide adequate temperature control, and contributed to sky-high electric bills.

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Niko’s Pizza

Niko’s Pizza occupies a building that seems to have been designed for energy inefficiency. The restaurant’s 15-ton HVAC system wasn’t up to job In either hot or cold weather.

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