Arctic Gator

Arctic GatorTM is a Breakthrough in Commercial HVAC Technology

The revolutionary, patented Arctic GatorTM Chilled-Water HVAC Conversion System from Demandside Energy Solutions transforms your building’s conventional air-to-air HVAC system into an advanced chilled water system that:


  • Reduces expensive peak demand power consumption – without sacrificing comfort
  • Costs 20% to 35% less than conventional replacement systems
  • Controls temperature and humidity levels
  • Reduces monthly electric bill by up to 35%
  • Reduces chlorofluorocarbon use by 50%
  • Offers twice the operating life of a conventional system
  • Heats your building as efficiently as it cools it
  • Can be installed without disrupting your normal operations and comfort
  • Comes with a three-year end-to-end warranty, with additional extended warranties available
  • Eliminates supplemental heat strips

Capturing the benefits of advanced chilled-water HVAC technology.

Chilled water air conditioning systems are used to cool large facilities ranging from hospitals, to sports areas, to office towers. While complex, these systems are more efficient but not cost-effective compared to air-to-air systems – until now. After nearly 20 years of development, the advantages of chilled-water air conditioning are now available and cost effective for buildings ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 square feet in size – with the patented Arctic GatorTM system from Demandside Energy Solutions.

Arctic GatorTM is designed to solve the four main problems that make your HVAC system costly, inefficient and potentially unsafe

Chances are, your commercial HVAC system accounts for a significant portion of your business operating costs, and any savings you could find here would go straight to your bottom line! With Arctic GatorTM, you can now have those savings, as well as the comfort level your business requires—without the crippling investment of a new conventional system, or expensive and never-ending repairs or additions to your current system.
Arctic GatorTM accomplishes this by addressing the four primary shortcomings your conventional HVAC system:

    1. Your existing system is a peak demand hog

      Your electricity costs are insanely high because your inefficient HVAC system is driving up your peak demand power consumption, and your power company charges you a premium price for peak Kilowatt demand (kWd). The compressors in your current HVAC system constantly turn on and off to maintain the temperatures of your building. These compressors are also fitted with heat strips that turn on and off in cold weather to prevent freezing. These and other outmoded functions of your system cause dramatic spikes in your electricity use at the worst possible times—maximizing your consumption of power at extremely expensive peak-power rates. Arctic GatorTM is specifically engineered to dramatically reduce demand power consumption, which in turn will greatly reduce the users monthly electric bill.

    2. Your system requires too much service and maintenance

      Your system requires constant filter changes. A conventional system also works under high pressures that put stress on seals, gaskets and connectors, and accelerates wear and tear on compressors and other internal components. This translates into high service and repair costs. In most installations, the Arctic GatorTM system reduces the total number of components that are subject to malfunction or failure. Arctic GatorTM functions at much lower pressures, as a result: it reduces component failure, lessens maintenance costs, and extends the operating life of your system.

    3. Technology and regulations drive up the costs of upgrading or replacing your system

      The efficiency of modern air-to-air air conditioning systems is being outpaced by the rising costs of new technology. That, along with increased regulations pertaining to refrigerants, compounds the expense of buying new units to supplement an ageing system. With the Arctic GatorTM, you don’t have to invest in a costly replacement system. The Arctic GatorTM team will install one or more Arctic GatorTM conversion units, and integrate it with components of your existing system that have been reconditioned and upgraded to meet our performance specifications. The result is a new chilled water system that is far more efficient, longer lasting, and much less expensive than conventional air-to-air systems.

    4. Your system poses potential health and environmental risks

      Refrigerant is perfectly safe within a system, but the safe cannot be said for refrigerant in the environment. In the past, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were used in virtually all spray can products, used widely as a refrigerant, and even to produce foam insulation. Unfortunately, these CFCs, and even their successor Hydrofluorocarbons (HCFCs) depletes ozone once they inevitably reach the stratosphere. This is problematic for all aspects of life down on the surface. Life down here isn’t designed to be bombarded by ultraviolet light daily: the ozone layer plays a crucial role in keeping the Earth as we know it today.

      Arctic GatorTM can remove half the amount of refrigerant systems require, and the lower operating pressures used in the Arctic GatorTM reduce the potential for leaks in a system.

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